SALSA Charter (draft)


Sport And Leisure Sustainability Alliance



Greater Manchester


non-commercial members' network group to promote, share, learn and build knowledge for sustainable operations and development across all sport and leisure activities in (Greater) Manchester.


The membership will establish a 'charter' to promote and pursue practical and appropriate, responsible sustainability in their own rights and to work collaboratively/collectively as and where possible - 


- to promote the interests of social value and social investment in our neighbourhood(s), city and region


- to identify and work for best practice in sustainable procurement


- to acknowledge our individual and collective environmental impact, build knowledge capital and work for uplifted environments and - with the Manchester Climate Change Agency - work for net zero Manchester 2038 (or better)


- to be respectful in all matters of both individual and organisational needs, limitations, commercial interests and practicalities


- to share and learn from each other as much as possible



The terms Sport and Sustainability Alliance and the registered web pages (inc Manchester... and Greater Manchester... ) are copyright.

Reproduction of its images and content are not allowed without prior permission

SALSA will not receive unsolicited sales and related calls and is a networking only project - by invite and identification.

members details will not be shared or published on this site without their express permission.

SALSA has no political links nor is SALSA itself aligned to any other environmental, sustainability or similar organisation Individual members of SALSA might be in their own right.

SALSA will liaise with and - subject to agreement - adopt the strategic aims of key local agencies (Manchester Climate Change agency; the GM Combined Authority and local GM councils specifically Manchester City Council) as appropriate but without political favour.

SALSA aims to be wholly inclusive and welcomes (Sport & Leisure) representatives from bona fide groups and organisations from across our (GM) area.